Guides to relocating | FAQ's about relocating to South West England

We are often asked similar questions by people moving to a new area - below are some of the most common ones. If you would like to contact us with any question, please feel free to do so.

Why should I use a Home Search specialist to help me look for a home?

When relocating to a move area, it can be costly both in money and time to look for a property on your own. With little or no knowledge of the area that you may be moving to, it is likely that you will overlook ideal locations that meet your criteria. With the support and experience of a Home Search specialist we can quickly and effectively provide you with a selection of suitable properties to view.

What research do you carry out when shortlisting suitable properties?

Once we have discussed your particular requirements with you, we will spend an appropriate amount of time using our network of Local Letting and Estate Agents to get viewings arranged for the most suitable properties. As we are not linked to any local Agents, we are in the best position to ensure that every available property is considered. If you should have specific requirements, such as nearby facilities and schooling, our research will take this into account and arrangements to visit schools will be made on your behalf.

What charges will I incur for your services?

As the individual needs and time requirements of each client can vary, we do not have a structured fee charging system in place. We aim to provide a much-needed and reliable service and to offer exceptional value for money.

Are you members of any Professional Association?

We are members of the Association of Relocation Professionals, an organisation that celebrated it's 25th birthday in 2011. The ARP is involved in the training and professional development of its members through the European Academy of Relocation Professionals.