relocating to the South West of EnglandGroup Relocation Services

We work directly with the client or via the relocation company to make the process as stress free and uncomplicated as possible by offering a package of services, including comprehensive research into new locations, assistance with ‘like for like' property searches and informative orientation tours.

Local Area Expertise

We carry out full research of any new location covering housing types, typical house prices, knowledge of local amenities, schooling, public transport and commuting times. Our area information guides are tailored to the specific location requirements for each client, whether as an individual or part of a corporate relocation.

Exhibitions and Events

Prior to any visit to a new area, we are able to present an overview of the area at the current place of work, meaning that high numbers of employers can benefit without a huge cost or inconvenience to the business. We aim to keep the presentations at a high level and then offer a one-to-one question and answer session event for those unusual demands that some people may have.

Orientation Tours

Without having experience of the new area, a client can overlook ideal locations, our Orientation Tours are designed to cover a wide geographical area giving a comprehensive overview of each individual place to consider.

Area Information Guides

To accompany our lighthearted tours, we provide an information guide providing an overview of each location, typical house types and prices and distance to travel to new place of work. Our guides are tailored for each client and updated at least quarterly to account for market changes. Our tours work for both individual and group tours, showing the best each area has to offer.