About South West Relocation

Why Choose Us

Putting life into locations, people into places is what we are absolutely passionate about.

Andrew Price

Andrew PriceAfter having worked in estate agency for 25 years, Andrew was offered an opportunity in 2008 to work with a relocation company providing group tours to the Bristol area for a large media company.

With a new found enthusiasm for relocation work Andrew started South West Relocation, working with several other large relocation companies as a consultant offering a range of services from attending exhibitions, creating presentations to individual home search.

Andrew is passionate about giving every client the very best range of options when looking for somewhere to live and takes time getting to know our clients' wishes and needs.

Whether you are relocating to South West England for work or wish to live in the beautiful West Country, we love showing off this part of the UK.

Jessie Price

Jessie is our office manager looking after the client database, management reporting and general office duties.

Experience has shown us that some clients are a bit lost when relocating to a new area, whether it’s a new town, city or country - we like to show you how to find your way around, give you lots of options and support during this change in your lives.